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She Did What??

Last week I spotted a beautiful groundhog out in my driveway.  I grabbed the camera and upon taking the pictures, I noticed this was obviously a very "pregnant" groundhog! So you're thinking, okay, why is this such a big deal right?

Well, a few days later I found where her home was located.  She has dug quite a nice hole going under my home.  There's a door used to access underneith my mobile home that's right under the deck.  So I began to ask around to find a "humane" trap to catch her.  Well, tomorrow my son was going to bring the trap out.  Too late!!!  She reemerged from her comfy home yesterday morning to roam around. Guess what?  Yep, you've got it!  She's a lot smaller and has obviously had her babies now!!
Now look a little bit closer.....

and now as she stands up...

Notice the evidence of nursing babies? LOL So now she notices the cat in the window.  She figures out she's safe and begins to taunt the cat. In the previous pics, wh…
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I've Entered Two Photos in a Contest and Need Your Votes

I've entered two photos in a contest and need your votes please.  They are looking for the cover of The International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day issue of Living Well with Fibromyalgia.  You can vote once a day from November 23, 2012 up until December 12, 2012.  Below I've included links to both photos.  Please remember to vote for both photos.  When you find the on "Vote" at the top of the photo and then click on the red button "like" beside cast your vote.  Here are the links to both >>Photo 1 Fibromyalgia There Is Hope  & Photo 2 Fibromyalgia Makes You Feel Like
Thank you so very much for your vote!!

Parents and Grandparents Please Read This

I Was Watching My Daughter Strangle To Death  - My eyes filled with tears as I read this mother's blog entry of how her daughter almost strangled to death.  This could happen to any of our children.   I can't imagine the horror she must have experienced as she hurried to try to save her.  Thank you Lord for holding this little one in your hands.   Our children are such precious gifts from God.  Please pass this along to others in hopes it never happens to them.

Fibromyalgia Makes You Feel Like.... Entry in Feeling Fibro Fotos

Please take a minute to Vote for a photo I've entered in a contest >>Fibromyalgia Makes You Feel Like.... Entry in Feeling Fibro Fotos.  The purpose of the photo is to describe how Fibromyalgia makes you feel.  The winner will be published on the cover of an upcoming book on Fibromyalgia. Thanks in advance for helping me out!!  You all are the best!!  **Update** I just learned the actual voting begins Nov. 23rd and ends Dec. 12th.  You can vote one time per day during that time period.   Here's the photo I've entered....

New Blog Announcement

I'd like to welcome you all to visit my new blog.  It's called "FaithNPhotos".  After several family members and friends encouraged me to do so, I finally took the step to share some of my photos on a blog.  I'd love to have your thoughts on these as I'm only an amateur and would love to have your input.  Hoping you'll join so you can get updates as I grow along this journey.  The link is here >> FaithNPhotos

Rain Drops and Tear Drops

"The pastures in the wilderness glisten with moisture, and the hills are clothed with joy."  Psalms 65:12.

Oh how blessed I am to have the ability to see God's beauty!!  How often do we take for granted the simple things in life?  For instance, the ability to "see" so many of God's creations.  One of my favorite things to do, as my pain permits, is to grab the camera and try to capture the beauty of God's magnificent drawing board.

After a peaceful evening rain shower, I stepped outside to breathe in the freshness of the crisp, clean air.  I had taken a few pictures of the passing clouds.  Then I turned to see the tiny drops of leftover rain dripping from the leaves of my first tree I had planted here on my property.  The one little rain drop seemed to just be slowly lingering on the end of one of the leaves.   God had my attention in that very moment.  I was able to capture that moment in time and added a bible verse.

How often do we overlook someth…

Which Do You Chose?

I love getting up early and catching the morning sunrise.  It's amazing how different they are from day to day. Sometimes they are gorgeous, like the one I caught in the above photo, and sometimes they are not so bright.  Sort of like life, some days are full of fun and laughter and some days seem to be full of problems.  
At the young age of 51, yep I said it, I'm 51!  I've finally reached the place in my life, a few years ago, that I can find beauty in most every day!  Even if my physical body is screaming with pain.  I can find something to take my mind off the negative.  Life can be what we make it folks.  I've had more than my share of pain, sorrow and heartache.  But without these things we can't appreciate the amazing blessings.  It's all in what our perspective is on life.  I chose peace, God, prayer, laughter, smiles, and love!  
I've recently had a burning desire to make amends with those that I've had strained relationships.  I want to be ab…